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Aesthetic assessment of face

How to fill and remove facial wrinkles with radio frequencies


Wrinkles are skin cracks, which can be filled naturally without injections of products, by stimulating the multiplication of collagen naturally present in the skin.


Electrical heating generated by a radiofrequency transmitter can create this stimulation. This technique consists in gently heating the skin of the face protected by a gel, for 60 seconds three times a month, in medical practice.


The consequences simply consist of slight redness of the skin for about 30 minutes. It is then possible to expose yourself to the sun and go out, because there are no marks on the skin.


There is a very rapid but transitory “good-looking” effect due to a slight subcutaneous oedema; then a long-term effect appears little by little, thanks to the natural multiplication of collagen. No product whatsoever is injected into the body.


The only contraindications are certain skin diseases.


This technique is not supported by social security.


Dr. Hervé is an ENT specialist and a head and neck surgeon, who graduated from some of the best universities in France. He combines solid experience and training of more than 20 years, acquired in renowned hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced technology, with the generator DUAL IEC 3 ELLMAN, by COLLIN - ORL.

Aesthetic assessment of face

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