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Voice assessment

Endoscopic examinations, the indispensable weapon to assess voice disorders (dysphonia)


Voice disorders (dysphonia) can affect anyone, but are more common in individuals who use their voice intensively and incorrectly (singers, teachers, actors, but also children in schoolyards). They can also be caused by chronic irritations, due to nicotine or gastric liquid (Gastro-oesophageal reflux) for example. Finally, they can be caused by tumours (whether benign or malignant) on the vocal cords.


In any case of voice disorder, it is recommended that you consult an experienced ENT specialist, who can assess your voice, accurately determine the cause of your dysphonia, and then tell you about the appropriate treatment.


The ENT can conduct different medical tests for the diagnosis:

  • The nasal endoscopy analyses the permeability of the aerodigestive tracts and their inflammatory state, the presence of lesions (nodules, polyps or benign or malignant tumours) and the mobility of the vocal cords.

  • The video stroboscopy allows the identification of discrete lesions, hidden under the mucous membrane.


The treatment may consist of the removal of chronic irritants, speech therapy or vocal cord surgery.


Dr. Stéphane Hervé is an ENT specialist and a head and neck surgeon, who graduated from some of the best universities in France. He combines solid experience and training of more than 20 years, acquired in renowned hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced technology for the diagnosis of voice disorders (dysphonia).

Voice assessment

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