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Nose Surgery

Solving permanently blocked nose problems through nasal reconstructive surgery


The nose is the olfaction organ but it is above all the initial stage of the respiratory tract, an essential stage allowing to filter, humidify and warm the outside air, which is cold, dry and filled with dust.


When respiratory difficulty is permanent, it can cause infections of the sinuses or ears, but it mainly obliges one to breathe through the mouth, which is not comfortable, especially at night and during sports activities. It can also cause snoring. The cause is an anatomical obstacle, such as mucous polyps, but especially and most often either a deviation of the nasal septum, or hypertrophy (enlargement) of the inferior turbinate bones, or a combination of these two deformations. If no medical treatment has been effective, surgery is the solution: either a turbinoplasty or a septoplasty or the combination of these two operations.

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