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Vertigo assessment

The ENT vertigo assessment, an essential step to diagnose the origin and cause of vertigo


The expression "having a spinning head" is often used to describe vertigo, which corresponds to a sensation of “movement” of the body in space, usually associated with the inability to stand up and with nausea, even vomiting. This phenomenon affects about 1 in 7 people and is highly destabilising and distressing because you lose control of yourself. Vertigo can have many causes, but most of them are due to a problem of the inner ear or more precisely of the vestibule, which is the organ that ensures the stability of the body and the eyeballs in space. A clinical assessment by an ENT doctor is essential in case of vertigo. He will make sure if your vertigo is of vestibular origin and either take charge of you or send you to another specialist (cardiologist, neurologist, etc.).


The ENT doctor performs a clinical examination and looks for abnormal shaking of the eyeballs (nystagmus), thanks to a special mask equipped with an infrared camera, which allows the filming of one of the two eyes in the darkness. He can also stimulate the vestibules separately to determine which one is involved.


The most common cause of vestibular vertigo is benign paroxysmal positional vertigo, which affects 4 million people each year, women twice as much as men. It can start at the early age of 20 and also affect young children. It triggers while changing position, getting up, going to bed or turning in bed. It is fortunately benign, mechanically created, and is generally treated easily through physical manoeuvres.


To detect the origin of vertigo or balance disorder and the therapeutic plan to be followed, it is essential to contact an experienced ENT equipped with high-tech devices, who will carry out a detailed examination of the inner ear and a check-up of the functioning of each receiver. This examination is performed under videonystagmography mask (VNG).



Dr. Stéphane Hervé is an ENT specialist and a head and neck surgeon who graduated from some of the best universities in France. He combines solid experience and training of more than 20 years, acquired in renowned hospitals and clinics equipped with advanced technology for the diagnosis of vertigo and balance disorders.

Vertigo assessment

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