Dr. Stéphane Hervé provides his patients with state-of-the-art technology for ENT head and neck diagnosis and surgery in order to guarantee the success of the result.



  • The OPMI® PICO diagnostic microscope by Zeiss, which allows perfect binocular vision and detail precision thanks to its powerful illumination and the quality of its lenses.

  • The OTOPORT LITE device by Otodynamics to detect newborn deafness

  • Tympanometres, audiometry devices, to determine the precise disturbance of deafness in older children and adults

  • Videonystagmoscopy for the diagnosis of vertigo



  • The multidisciplinary and innovative OPMI® VARIO 700 microscope by Zeiss that helps the surgeon in his surgical procedure

  • The 3D reconstruction system of the facial bones DIGIPOINTEUR by Collin-ORL, which increases the safety and the success of the result in ethmoidal sinus surgery.

  • The intraoperative nerve-tracking device NIM-response 3.0 by Medtronic that reduces the risk of nerve damage in parotid and thyroid surgery

  • Sharplan CO2 laser by Laser Industries with adapter for the Zeiss OPMI microscope in larynx surgery

  • Collin-ORL nasal microdebrider used in sinus surgery for nasal polyps

  • The Ellman Surgitron® 4.0 Dual radio frequency generator by Collin-ORL, which, by allowing the sectioning of hypertrophied tonsils, suppresses pharyngeal obstruction, itself responsible for sleep apnoea. This technique decreases both postoperative pain and haemorrhagic risk. This generator also allows turbinoplasty, treating nasal obstruction.


ENT Facial and Neck Surgery Stéphane Hervé

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