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Sinus Surgery

How to stop chronic sinusitis through endoscopic sinus surgery


How to recognize chronic sinusitis

Sinusitis refers to the inflammation of the mucous membranes that cover the inside of the sinuses (cavities in the bones of the face). Each sinus communicates with the nasal cavity through a small opening, through which the mucus produced in the sinus flows. Sinusitis becomes chronic when it persists beyond 12 weeks. Chronic sinusitis is responsible for facial pain, an unpleasant posterior flow, a bad smell in the nose and especially bronchial superinfections, particularly dangerous in asthmatic people.

Chronic sinusitis may be caused by environmental triggers (allergy in particular) and local ones (polyps, fungi, dental foreign bodies).

The treatment is firstly medical when the cause is environmental or diffused (all the sinuses of the face), but it becomes surgical when the medical treatment is ineffective or in case of suspected sinusitis of dental origin.


Endoscopic sinus surgery

Endoscopic sinus microsurgery is the minimally-invasive surgical method of excellence for treating chronic sinusitis and ensuring good healing possibilities.

It is done through endonasal optical instruments, and consists in widening the natural orifices of the sinuses and draining the infected cavities. It also helps to correct structural anomalies of the nose preventing a good flow of mucus and the removal of nasal polyps.

The procedure is mostly performed under general anaesthesia.

The ENT head and neck surgeon may suggest that the patient take a leave from work for 5 to 10 days. In order to avoid postoperative bleeding, the surgeon can place dressings in the nose, which are removed the day after the surgical intervention. Sports and airplane journeys should be avoided for 15 to 21 days.


Coverage of sinus ENT microsurgery by social security.

This surgery is covered by social security, but your head and neck ENT surgeon may request an additional fee depending on the complexity of the intervention. 


Dr. Stéphane Hervé is an ENT specialist and head and neck surgeon who graduated from some of the best universities in France. He combines the precision of the sinus ENT microsurgery technique with the technological innovation of the DIGIPOINTEUR-COLLIN facial reconstruction system in 3D, which increases the safety and success of the surgical intervention.

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