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Skin Tumour Surgery

How to get rid of cysts and skin tumours with reconstructive head and neck surgery

How to get rid of cysts and skin tumours with reconstructive head and neck surgery


Congenital anomalies or skin lesions that affect the skin of the face (ears, cheeks, nose) and neck can cause physical and psychological discomfort. When they are extensive, they have to be treated with skin surgery performed by an ENT head and neck surgeon, who has a perfect knowledge of the anatomy and aesthetic parts of the face and neck.


Surgery procedure


Depending on the size of the lesion, the intervention can be performed under local anaesthesia in surgery (simple lesion); under local anaesthesia with or without sedation in the operating area (significant lesion); under general anaesthesia with hospitalization (serious lesion).

The surface of skin removed in case of skin cancer is usually round or square, which is difficult to directly stitch, especially when it is large. This zone must be closed by an extra piece of skin, called scrap, which is placed over the site of the tumour. The ENT surgeon must also orient the incisions according to the cutaneous tension lines and choose the incision line to allow the exeresis of the lesion.

The surgical closure is performed by subcutaneous stitches in different plans with a fine and absorbable thread and fine cutaneous threads, which will be removed quickly.


Post-surgery effects


  • very moderate postoperative pain

  • the smallest aesthetic scar possible, but necessary, considering that old people often heal better than young people.

  • avoid exposure to sunlight during the healing period

  • compression bandage to be kept for 24 to 48 hours to reduce hematoma and oedema.

  • sticky strips to keep 2 to 3 weeks

  • thereafter, application of moisturizing and healing cream 

  • scar massage (kneading) starting from the 4th week after the intervention

  • postoperative control after a few days, then regularly, to monitor healing


Dr. Stéphane Hervé is ENT specialist and head and neck surgeon graduated from some of the best universities in France. He has over 20 years of experience and solid training, acquired in renowned hospitals and clinics in France famous for their infrastructures, and their mastery of the surgical “scrap” technique which limits the tension of the scar in skin tumour surgery.

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