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The benefits of breathing sea air

The benefits of breathing sea air

Covering 70% of the Earth’s surface, the sea is a source of several benefits for our body: invigorating and rebalancing, it allows our organism to work at its best. According to popular belief, the iodine contained in the sea air is very important for the health of the respiratory tract.

These assumptions are the basis of thalassotherapy (from the Greek word, thalassa, "sea"); already in the 19th century, doctors prescribed a sea voyage as a cure for their patients suffering from asthma.

A stay at sea causes general body relaxation; this is particularly beneficial for the respiratory muscle, which are typically contracted due to the everyday stress of city living, thus allowing for deeper and easier breathing and better oxygenation.

In general, air pollution is significantly lower far from large cities, in small towns that can also be prime holiday destinations; this is why the amount of irritating and potentially harmful agents that we breathe in is remarkably lower here.

The benefits of sea air do not end here: the idea that "the sea air is good for your health because it is rich in iodine" is not quite correct. It is undeniable that the air near the coast contains a certain amount of iodine, which has recognised beneficial effects on the human body. What the popular belief does not consider is the fact that sea air acts as a sort of nebuliser of water vapour and salts (iodine, sodium chloride, bromine and magnesium) which charge with electricity thanks to the action of sunlight. This is how sea air recharges our body’s mineral reserves and helps improve our wellbeing.

In addition, it is worthwhile mentioning that the sea acts on a psychological level as well. A study carried out in New Zealand concluded that living in a house with a sea view improves mental health and sense of well-being. The researchers observed that the mental health of Wellington’s residents (stress, anxiety, mood disorders) was significantly better in those who lived in houses overlooking the sea.

So, yes, if you can go to the sea and enjoy the benefits of seawater and sea air, take the chance. Get your fill of vitality for the rest of the year!

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