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Hearing problems in teenagers, what to do?

While it is true that 80% of deaf children were born deaf, several studies have shown that there has been a sharp rise in the number of teenagers who are diagnosed with hearing loss.

The main cause is noise, more specifically the prolonged exposure to loud music in MP3 players. This poses a real danger to their hearing.

In 90% of cases, hearing loss occurs gradually and therefore without the teenager noticing it.

Parents should therefore pay more attention to the signs of potential hearing loss. There are several symptoms that may hint at hearing loss in a young person:

  • He/she constantly asks others to repeat themselves

  • He/she often answers "What?"

  • He/she always turns to one side to listen

  • His/her school performance becomes poor or with ups and downs

  • He/she becomes aggressive or, on the contrary, too calm and reserved

It is important to recognise these symptoms at an early stage so as to effectively treat hearing loss. Should you have any doubt, it is recommended to have a systematic hearing check-up with an ENT physician who specialises in ear disorders. This is the only way to assess the adolescent's hearing abilities, warn him/her of the danger of hearing loss and to determine, if necessary, the hearing aid suited to his/her age, so as to significantly improve his/her language and intellectual skills.

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